Using existing king pin

Author: QDM  Date Posted:21 September 2021 

Using Drake Collectibles Prime Movers with

Tekno Aussie Curtainsider & Refrigerated Trailers

PLEASE NOTE: Quarry Diecast Models has supplied one alternate king pin with each trailer sold. The king pin does not ‘NEED’ to be changed and has purely been supplied to give the modeler/collector the option to modify the trailer if desired. The following shows how easily the trailers will hook up to a Drake prime mover

  1. The existing Tekno king pin will slide into the opening of the Drake 5th wheel but it will not slide all the way forward, utilising the locking system
  2. The pin will slightly drop down and be held into place by the rear bar of the 5th wheel



Slide the pin into position as explained above.


The trailer is now connected and will not fall off the prime move..

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